Wow. Can’t believe I’ve never posted an update about this.

Things have been on pause for a while (since the last post). This is largely due to the fact that it’s hard to coordinate our efforts to work together right now. Life is crazy.

This project may be on hold for a while, until we can get Mark up to Columbus. But it will still happen! Likely not going to be until 2019 however. Keep checking here for the most up to date news.

What do you want to see?

What kind of things do you want to see from this DevBlog? We currently have posts talking about code, and showing off screenshots, and general progress as well. But if there is a certain kind of content you’d like to see more, or something we haven’t even covered, please leave a comment!

Once all the paperwork goes through, I’ll likely make a social media presence more felt and have these blog posts auto-shared to them. Thus making the blog a bit easier to follow.

Say Hello to μ

Alright, here it is. We’re getting this thing up and running! For those not in the know, I’m Uriah. And with my partner in crime, Mark, we’ve started up a little initiative titled μ Gaming. Yes, that’s right, μ. As in Mu. As in Mark & Uriah. Haha.

Anyway, we’ve decided to keep a little devblog in addition to our documents and boards in order to keep us motivated and on track. If you’re here, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully this weekend I can show off some progress I’ve been making on the main menu.