Dungeon Diver

Years ago, Mark, Myself, and a friend of ours, T.J., needed to make a project for a game programming class. As the nerds we were (and still are!), we decided to create a game based roughly off the rules of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition. And what better type of game than an RPG Rogue-like?  Some free assets from RPG Maker, a bit of python programming, and many, many hours later, we came up with this:

It wasn’t exactly the most game of the year, but it was our first full game! And it went over really well in class, one of the few that was fully playable. But it was very lack-luster, not at all balanced, and lacked any meaningful content.

And it never left my head.

Over the years I would poke at ways of recreating it. Making it better. Smoother. Adding in new features. None of it ever panned out.

And then, Mark and I got to talking. We decided we’d make a game together. And the first project to come to mind? Not hard to guess that it was Dungeon Diver. And man, has it undergone changes. Not only have we upgraded editions of D&D that we’ve based it off of (5th Edition now), but we’ve also changed the battle system, character system, and much more! And it’s in Unity!

You can keep an eye on the Dungeon Diver tag of the blog for the most up to date progress, but just to compare with stuff above, I’ll also try to keep screenshots of the same systems but in the new version.